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Agistment & Boarding


Whether you are staying with your horse for a single night, or looking for a longer term boarding facility with the convenience of an indoor arena, we have you covered.

For short term stays our temporary agistment paddocks (with or without shelters) provide an excellent home away from home for your horse. If you are attending a local show or event we also have stables available for hire with access to the hose wash and indoor arena for preparation.

Our agistment paddocks have been designed with horse safety and welfare as first priority with land and grazing care a close second. We are a plain and barbed wire free property with safe electric fencing, horse safe gates and no sharp angled corners in any paddocks.

Our flagship ‘Equicentral Systems’ (look up Jane Myers, Equiculture) provide an excellent horse and owner friendly management system which also helps us take care of the land and manage our grazing paddocks.

Agistees get the benefit of managed grazing, worming and vaccination schedules as well as access to our indoor arena, the Rail Trail bridleway at the gate and the cost benefits that come with being part of a larger group of horses for visiting professionals such as trimmers, dentists and vets.

Our extra services help to fill the gaps if you are unable to attend to your horse for any reason as a one off or as an ongoing regular service.

All enquiries should be directed by phone or email to Sonja. Full information and pricing for other services will be forwarded to interested parties.

Temporary Boarding Options

Temporary Agistment Paddocks

temp shelter


Our temporary agistment paddocks may be hired on a short term basis from one night up to four weeks each. Longer stays may be arranged by rotating between paddocks, please enquire for a quote if this is the case. Each paddock can house one horse or two smaller ponies. For a single or two night stay we may allow two horses to share one of the larger paddocks provided they are already herdmates at home.

We have two small paddocks/ large yards with shelters and two larger paddocks without shelters. Paddocks are located close to our lodges for the convenience of holiday makers or clinic attendants staying with us.

For local horse owners going away on holidays we can offer a full care service for your horses whilst you go away on holidays with daily rug changes, hard feeds and hay provided as required. Please enquire for further details.


$15 per night or $60 per week (private) $50 per week (shared)


Stables are available for short term stays of 1-4 nights. Where possible we will allow some turnout time each day in rotation with other guests, otherwise we can allow some free time in the arena each day to allow your horse to stretch his legs whilst you muck out. Please note when booking that you will need to provide your own bedding for stables if required (straw or shavings) and we can order these in for you to if you wish. All bedding must be cleaned out before you leave.


Stable                                    $15 per day


Long Term Agistment

Multihorse ‘Equicentral’ Systems


Our multihorse systems are designed for up to two horses or three small ponies. The system is entered via a central yard which is surfaced with gravel to prevent mud and erosion. The yard contains the water, salt and all hay feeding boxes/ nets and may be used to confine horses if needed. Some systems have wind break shelters (others will follow as improvements progress). The yards then give access to one of three approximately half acre grazing paddocks. The paddocks are rotated on a schedule determined by grass height and maturity as well as grazing pressures. Resting paddocks will be topped, harrowed and sprayed as needed once vacant.

These systems may be booked for two horses belonging to the same owner or, if two owners wish to share they can be occupied on a shared arrangement providing both owners are happy to negotiate hay supply and share the costs.


2-3 Horse Paddock system:  $40 per horse, $30 per pony (only where 3 animals share the system)

2-3 Horse Paddock system with Wind Break Shelter:  $45 per horse,  $33 per pony (only where 3 animals share the system)

For all other services including terms and conditions please email us at [email protected] or call on 0409 291 494. We will send you one of our comprehensive information booklets with full details to answer any questions you may have.

Private Paddocks

We have a couple of private systems consisting 2 paddocks for rotation suitable for a single horse or up to 2 small ponies. No shelters are provided in these paddocks.


$50 per horse


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