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Terms and Conditions of Entering our Property and using the

High View Horse Complex Facilities


Please park in the grassed areas in front of the arena making sure you are well clear of the main thoroughfare and leaving an appropriate amount of space between vehicles.


Children under 12 years of age must be supervised at all times by a non riding adult.

Children may only be left in charge of horses and ponies where adult supervision and assistance is immediately on hand.


Dogs on a lead are permitted - please clean up after your dog. No off leash dogs permitted for the safety of horses, riders and our own pets.


There is to be absolutely no smoking at all beneath the roof of the arena and stables building. Smoking outside is permitted but please do not litter and make sure your butt is fully extinguished before placing it in the rubbish bins.

Horse preparation

Day yards are provided free of charge to ready horses for riding in the arena.

Horses must not be hard tied to any fixed structure around the property; Horses may be tied only to those areas where twine has been provided for the purpose.

No horses to be tied in the main arena entrance area. Horses waiting for lessons must remain outside the arena or in the stables until the previous horse has left the arena unless instructed otherwise by your instructor.


All instructors must provide a copy of their liability insurance to the office prior to teaching.

Current approved riding helmets must be worn at all times whilst mounted. Helmets should be no more than 5 years old and should not have been involved in any falls or impacts.

Closed, smooth soled boots with a heel must be worn whilst riding or handling horses.

NO RUNNERS/SNEAKERS for mounted riders. We recommend closed sensible shoes be worn by all people entering the property and take no responsibility for injuries or accidents caused by inappropriate footwear e.g. thongs.

Tack and horse apparel must be in good working order, be well fitting and be free from damage. Instructors should check the gear of their clients prior to lessons.

We respect a riders personal choice regarding training methods but we will not tolerate the intentional abuse or neglect of horses or any other animal on our premises and reserve the right to refuse entry to those seen to be treating any animal in a way which we find offensive.

No more than 6 horses in the arena at one time for riding, and no more than 8 for groundwork.

Arena Etiquette

Shared Use of the Arena: Please respect other riders space and maintain awareness of other riders and horses at all times. We use the following rules to ensure safe sharing of the arena space; please memorise and apply them whilst riding in our arena:

  • Always pass left rein to left rein (i.e. the horse traveling in an anti-clockwise direction always has right of way, with horses from the other direction moving to the inside track for passing) allowing plenty of space
  • Horses traveling in a faster gait must always overtake on the inside track allowing plenty of space.
  • Stationary horses must be positioned well off the outside track.
  • Riders entering the arena where other riders are already at work must call a warning e.g. ‘Gate Open’ and ensure the other riders have seen them prior to entering.
  • Please maintain awareness of other horses and be courteous at all times.
  • Riders mounting, dismounting or at halt for any reason must do so along the centre line.


Payments may be made in cash or cheque payable to ‘High View Horse Complex’ on the day of use or be paid by direct bank transfer. Eftpos facilities are available at the office located in the main house behind the arena but the office is not always attended.

There is a cash box at the arena gate along with envelopes for payment, pens and incident book etc.

Payment for use of the arena is on a trust basis, please be honest about your use and pay for what you’ve used. Any person found to be dishonest with payment will be asked to leave and not to return.


If you cannot make your booking and fail to give at least 24 Hours notice we will add  50% of the booking cost to your account unless exceptional circumstances exist forcing your late cancellation. If you fail to notify us of your cancellation, you will be charged at full private hire rates.

Cancellations due to extreme weather conditions (heat, strong winds) may be negotiated. please call if you plan to cancel for these reasons.

Clean up

Please clean up after your horse - removing manure and hay/ feed from yards/ stables/ tie up and parking areas and the arena itself.

Rubbish bins are provided for your convenience, but please take larger items of rubbish with you.

We endeavor to keep toilets, viewing areas and walkways clear and clean at all times. Please advise us if you notice any facilities or areas that need our attention.


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