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Pricing Schedule for the Horse Facilities

Payment may be made in cash using the payment envelopes at the arena gates, by cheque (payable to High View Horse Complex & Cottages), by direct deposit (see envelope footer) or by eftpos when we are available in the office.


Casual Arena Hire

Hire Type


Private  1 Hour                (Single horse)


Private 45 Min


Private 30 Min


Shared  1 Hour              (Min 2, Max 6 horses)


Shared 45 Min


Shared 30 Min



1 Hour

45 Min

30 Min






If you wish to be instructed by a coach, they must contact management prior to your lesson for approval. All coaches must be both insured and qualified to teach.


Clinics/ Demonstrations /Club Rally’s

Clinicians must be pre-approved by management and must have submitted a copy of their insurance certificates prior to arrival.  Use of the covered day yards at the arena entrance are included for daytime use. Any overnight stays must be arranged with management and paid for separately. Camping and accommodation charges - see Horse Holidays & Camps page.



Half Day

(5 hours flexi start time)


Full Day

(10 hours flexi start time)




$50 per hour


$6 per hour

Therapists/ Equine Professionals

You may arrange to meet your trimmer/ farrier/ dentist/ Vet etc. at High View in bad weather and use one of our stables. Please call ahead to arrange 0409 291 494.

Hire Type





Per hour


Temporary Boarding - See Agistment and Boarding Page

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